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The digital age has changed the consumers and also their consumption habits. In this new scenario, only the most innovative companies stay ahead. Having a partner during all this process is essential. We are experts in developing digital solutions for companies with great ideas.

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  • Test Automation

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Hummingbird process

Our 7-steps process comprises all the needed foundations to the development of a digital product that will keep your company always ahead.

Step 1


We started by understanding your customer, creating Buyer Personas.

Step 2

Product Definition

We will define the best product that meets the main needs of its customers.

Step 3

Definition of MLP

After the analysis of the whole project, we will define what the MLP will be, always thinking about quality but without losing Market Time.

Step 4


In this phase we will create the visual of the product, an analysis is performed and the user experience defined, offering the best interaction and visual.

Step 5


Let's give life to your project.

Step 6

Customer Refinement

We will introduce you the product and collect your feedbacks, for better more and more.

Step 7

Market Validation

Launch a new version in the market and collect user feedback on how to improve User Experience.

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