Check out our portfolio with some success cases that have been created by our team, to help enterprises and startups connect more clearly and punctually with their customers.

Nextel is one of the largest telecom companies in Brazil. We've created their iOS and Android apps where users can view voice and internet consumption, invoice, buy data bundles, receive bonuses and promotions. In other words, you can do everything in the app without the call center.

This app has a fantastic troubleshooting system that makes the user aware and helps you solve airplane mode, lack of internet and other important issues that prevent you from accessing the app.

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Case Nextel

Banco Paulista is a Brazilian investment bank, one of the largest in the country in the exchange area. We have created a website for the launch of the new product, Home Equity. This modality consists of financial loan, being able to be paid in up to 10 years, giving some property as collateral.

We focused on creating a site that would be easy to do credit simulation, through simple and small steps. We care about making all the rules clear and easily accessible at all costs involved.

Case Nextel

QueroBolsa is a Startup that helps young college students pay for their studies by offering scholarships. The site has more than 1 million visitors per month and in 2016 had a forecast of billing of R$ 30 million.

We've created both iOS and Android app so they would encourage their users to promote the Startup in social media by gaining points from it. Each semester, users with more points will have college tuition paid by QueroBolsa.

Case Nextel

Venusian is a Startup that helps models find event jobs, photo essays, exhibit center fairs and more. It's a simple way to hire the beauty.

We created an app that demonstrates the concept of beauty in every detail, in the animations of the tutorial, in the app transitions, every little detail was thought to be unique and creative, just like the Startup.

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Case Nextel

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